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CereTom Portable CT

The CereTom® is an 8-slice small bore portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality Non-Contrast, Angiography, and Contrast Perfusion scans in a variety of patient location.
Its combination of rapid scan time, easy to use interface and immediate image viewing make CereTom® an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real time, high quality images.

Optimized For Use In:
Operating Room
Emergency Department
Neuro Interventional Radiology Suite
Neuro Critical Care Suite
Patient Rooms
Radiology Department
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Neurology Offices
Maxillofacial Surgical Suite
Dental Offices
ENT Surgery

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BodyTom Portable CT

As the world’s first portable, full body, 32-slice CT (computed tomography) scanner, BodyTom® is a mult-departmental imaging solution capable of transforming any room in the hospital into an advanced imaging suite. The system boasts an impressive 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view, the largest field of view available in a portable CT scanner.

The battery-powered BodyTom with an innovative internal drive system, can easily be transported from room to room and is compatible with PACS, EMR, planning systems, surgical and robotic navigation systems.

Uniquely designed to accommodate patients of all sizes, BodyTom provides point-of-care CT imaging wherever high quality CT images are needed, including the operating room, intensive care unit, radiation oncology suites and the emergency department. The combination of rapid scan time, flexible settings and immediate image viewing makes the BodyTom a valuable tool to any facility needing versatile real-time portable imaging.

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