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- NIBP, Pulse, MAP, SpO2, Temperature (optional)
- Clinically validated blood pressure measurement for adults as well as newborns weighing as little as 1kg
- Highly precise and motion-tolerant PEARL SpO2 measuring device also suitable for critical patients (e.g. newborns), clinically validated
- Shock resistant
- Easy and fast operation due to the simple menus and perfectlyintegrated storage options for sensor and cuffs
- Standard features include additional spiral tubing for a total tube length of approx. 2m including cuff as well as a finger sensor with a cable approx. 90cm in length, optional Sp02-extension available for a total length of 2.10m
- Efficient Li-Ion battery pack (approx. 500 measurements)
- Infrared ear thermometer with probe sheath dispenser (optional)
- Large, bright LCD display
- Simultaneous measurement or different vital parameters within seconds
- Portable and light
- Mobile stand (optional)