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Increase your productivity and reduce your reporting costs to achieve greater ROI. The diagnostic viewer and reporting system allow you to get things done with a fast, efficient workflow. NovaMG includes an advanced mammography toolset, expert viewing methodology, customisable mammo-driven hanging protocols, one-click workflow, and rich enterprise integration.

TPS workstation running in many NBSS sites with seamless DTI

User advantages:

“Single-click” workflow* to streamline mammogram reading from opening a study to generating a report.
Customised mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocol sequences (including multiple prior support).

Incorporates expert viewing methodology including Tabár’s systematic viewing mask techniques* for searching for subtle radiographic abnormalities.

8 or more current and prior images are displayed immediately when the next study is opened, with multiple priors accessible by single click.
An unlimited number of “current” images (2D and 3D) can be stepped through as part of the workflow (e.g., to handle extra views and duplicates), or the user can configure to only see the primary views, with others available with a “page-flip” click.
Current images are high-lighted in all hanging protocols to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis from priors.

Full-resolution image viewing navigated using a mouse wheel with visual tracing of pixels that have been viewed – no need to manually pan and zoom the images to view all pixels at full resolution.

Electronic grease pen allows the radiologist to markup the image display any time; and automatically generate corresponding mammography recall form and/or screening report. Markup can be configured to be exported to PACS.

Tomosynthesis (i.e., 3D) support – DICOM standard (DBT/BTO), cine mode, navigation icon, fully integrated into the workflow. Tomosynthesis images from Hologic and GE units can be transferred in DICOM standard format, and non-standard Siemens tomosynthesis (CT) is converted automatically for viewing. Images from other vendors that generate DICOM standard (DBT/BTO) images are also supported.

Collects reporting information automatically as each case is read, with the ability to export that to external systems (RIS, reporting, dictation, etc) or to generate various types of reports internally. For example the system can generate a recall form, initiate a simple report mechanism, and even generate DICOM structured reports (following the Breast Imaging Template).

Plug-in viewers for adjunct capabilities such as breast MR CAD, ultrasound CAD, web document review, dictation triggers, view DICOM structured reports, etc.
Mammography film printing – including 10 and 12 bit grey-scale, true size, chest-wall alignment, annotation positioning, as required to meet the MQSA guidelines. Multi-image print layouts are also supported.

Efficient reading due to bi-directional reporting system integration – reading can be driven by an external work-list, and markup and assessment results from the reading are transparently propagated back into the reporting system where they are included in the generated report.