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Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) that have replaced x-ray film with digital images are a major boon to the practice of radiology. As any radiologist can attest, when images are not readily available to referring physicians then delayed decision-making with regard to patient care can be expected. The PACS system resolves the most critical problems associated with film, namely the fact that film is only available in one place at a time. Once equipped with a PACS system, individual medical facilities and networks of facilities within a medical enterprise can not only view images from various workstations within the network, they can also view images and the associated report at the same time. However, not all PACS systems are created equal. Visualization, reporting, data management, scalability, and user interface customisation must all be accounted for to create a balanced, user-friendly experience. NovaPACS accomplished just that.

Top-Rated Product: Novarad consistently ranks among the top providers in the annual report released by KLAS Research, an independent industry analyst. This is proof that you’ll get great products and services, year after year.

The seamless integration between NovaRIS and NovaPACS helps to improve overall efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Product Improvement: Constantly improving our product to reflect both the latest technology and the demands of the patients. We offer upgrades, feature enhancements, and the newest software at no additional cost to you for the life of your contract.

Support: We know your time is valuable. That’s why over 99 percent of our support calls are answered within five minutes. 24/7/365 tech support is standard for the life of the contract.

The Radius™ Menu. puts hundreds of powerful and unique features just a mouse click away, helping you breeze through studies.

KLAS provides its subscribers with a great snapshot of vendor performance on any given day. Its rankings fluctuate based on continuous customer input. When you compare one year with the next, KLAS also documents the technology with the highest value over time. Here’s how Novarad solutions compare with the industry leaders since 2010. Novarad is #1 is KLAS based upon consistency of scores. Ninety-six percent of Novarad customers have renewed their contracts since 2004.

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