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Injectors and Insufflators


CT A-800

Permitting the optimum CT technique for each patient

Precise protocols finely tuned for each patient, based on body weight. CF cards are used to provide anatomical based Injection protocols.

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CT Dual SHOT Alpha 7

For greater ease of use and better image scanning

The new Powerhead has been ergonomically designed considering every detail during the products use, matching the product for the objective. This has made possible extremely intuitive and simple operations, significantly enhancing the user confidence during operation.

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Press Duo For Angio

"Press Duo", the world's first dual injector for angiography, exceeds the expectations of two functions with dual injectors. The Press Duo from Nemoto delivers optimal control and intuitive operation.

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MRI Sonic Shot 7

Unique ultrasound motor with non-ferrous construction
Sonic Shot 7, an injector exclusively developed for MRI, is equipped with an ultrasonic motor with non-magnetic body structure. Its non-magnetic head part allows the injector to be used anywhere in the MRI environment.

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Vimap Insufflator 1010A

The Vimap 1010A is a cart based CO2 insufflator with revolutionary CO2 heating and insufflation control.

CT colonography CO2 insufflator VMX-1010A for CT colonography:
- Easy to use interface with navigation button
- Extended range of set pressure for particular cases
- Intuitive interface with LCD screen
- Integrated heating system
- Assistance to determine when insufflation is complete

Patient comfort:
- Progressive and soft insufflation
- Automatic adaptation of flow rate
- Heated CO2 for better relaxation

Safety procedures
- Continuous and redundant check of pressure
- Elimination of over pressures
- Safety valves
- Over pressure release with no risk of machine contamination

Vimap Insufflator 1020A.

The "STOP BUSCOPAN" machine!!!!! Buscopan effect is replaced by heated CO2 relaxing the colon muscles

​4 procedures:

- CT Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy
- Optical Colonoscopy
- Intussusception reduction
- Virtual enteroclysis

Innovative Technology and worldwide innovations:

- Patented new heating system with constant temperature at the patient and adjustable 37°C-47°C.
- Multi purpose insufflator capable of 4 procedures.
- LAN (network) integrated insufflator.
- Touch panel for remote control through Lan or Bluetooth.
- VPN Remote access for support, updates, preventive support.
- Faecal Tagging assist feature.
- Custom interface and graphical interface.
- Automatic decrease of the amount of liters when the machine releases the over pressure.
- Integrated barcode checking of the administration set status.
- PACS interface.
- History: all insufflations in memory.
- Insufflation of small intestine and colon (introduced in 2011 on VMX-1010A).
- User defined protocols.

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