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Applications Training

MIS Healthcare is proud to offer a support and training package tailor-made to suit our customers’ requirements. We have a designated Applications Team equipped with a high standard of technical knowledge, clinical experience and professionalism. Our aim is to ensure service users feel confident and competent to perform all clinical examinations on our equipment.

We strongly advocate staff empowerment and we encourage Radiology Management to elect a small team of technically minded staff to act as ‘super users’. We aim to train this team to a higher level on our systems - enabling them to troubleshoot any minor clinical errors that may occur.

We offer an initial training package based on the level of technical skill required on your chosen MIS system, which will be issued in advance to the Radiology Manager.

MIS Healthcare Support Materials

  • Training CD/DVD's
  • Training Guides
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • User Manuals/Guides
  • Applications Packs

Contained within the Applications Pack

  • Contact details of all the departments within MIS Healthcare that will be useful to you
  • Training itinerary, detailing the training topics and length of forecasted training per topic
  • Training checklist - Each member of staff will have their own checklist which will be signed off when the trainee feels confident on the system and when the Applications Specialist deems the trainee competent to use the equipment safely and correctly
  • Product cleaning instructions
  • Product data sheets on your chosen system, with specification information
  • Copies of MIS CE Certification
  • An Application Specialist Handover Form that will be signed once all training has been completed and all applications’ system set up of the equipment is complete.

Throughout the training process the Applications staff will be giving constant feed back to the Radiology Manager on the progress to maintain open dialect with all parties. Upon full completion training certificates will be issued by head office.

After the training process MIS Applications will be available to provide support and extra training sessions as required. We offer full support and training for the term of life of your service contract with MIS Healthcare, and we can also provide presentations at your study days, and ensure you can be the first to hear about any exciting up and coming products which may be of interest to you.

We pride ourselves on the level of aftercare we offer, ensuring all your staff remain supported.