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ri-thermo® N professional

ri-thermo® N professional – designed for easy and efficient reading of temperature in hospitals and clinics

- Infrared tympanic thermometer for the measurement of body temperature.
- Smart dispenser box with 100 probe covers for table or pocket use
- Accurate temperature measurement for adults and children within seconds
- LCD display with backlighting for easy reading - even in the dark
- Displays up to 12 stored temperatures
- Temperature values are displayed in a range from 0 to 100°C or 32°F to 212°F
- Acoustic signal when measurement is completed or fever is detected
- Clinically validated measuring technology
- Automatic switch-off
- Supplied with CR 2032 battery for at least 1000 measurements

ri-thermo® N

Simple, safe, reliable: ri-thermo® N is the new ergonomic infrared thermometer for uncomplicated use in medical practices, hospitals and in the home. Its innovative infrared technology not only allows ri-thermo® N to measure the body temperature of children and adults easily in a matter of seconds but also means that it can measure the temperature of surfaces, rooms and bathwater.

The temperature values are displayed in a range from 0 to 100 °C or on the corresponding scale in ° Fahrenheit.

Its large LCD display with backlighting makes the values easy to read. Even in the dark. Displays up to 12 stored temperatures. Temperature curves can also be plotted retrospectively or different measured values compared, so patients large and small can be monitored even more closely.

The ri-thermo® N sounds a handy acoustic signal when it has finished measuring and if it detects a fever, has an energy-saving automatic switch-off function and comes with a hygienic storage container with probe covers. ri-thermo® N is of the usual high Riester quality, is clinically validated and is supplied with batteries.


Easy to use, robust and precise – Clinical thermometer in the well-known Riester quality. Can be used for oral, rectal and under-arm measurement of body temperature. Digital measurement is particularly accurate thanks to the highly sensitive temperature sensor.

- Maximum thermometer
- With 3-digit display, memory and signal tone
- Unbreakable and water-tight
- Measurement range: 32 – 43.9°C
- Accuracy: +/- 0.1°
- Automatic switch-off after 10 min.
- Incl. long-life button cell batteries
- In plastic storage box