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SonoScape IE12

Quickness, Accuracy and Stability, beyond Compare

IE12 is a new type of 12-channel ECG which has made a lot of improvement in the key ECG technologies of quickness, accuracy and stability as well as the streamlined workflow. It applies a new platform for ECG signal acquisition, which can well perform in interference reduction, fast waveform display and right-level of filtering. It caters for the hospitals and busy clinics where ECG volume is high, speedy and quality-demanding.

Abundant Peripheral interfaces:

- VGA port for connecting external monitor
- LAN port for real-time data transmission
- USB ports for data storage or barcode scanner
- SD card for data storage or software upgrade

More Quickly
- Waveform instant-on start-up availability, no longer to wait for seconds
- Waveforms stable within 1 second after acquisition, speeding up the observation and analysis

More Stable
- Improved technologies in signal processing, less interference and better performance
- Neat and orderly waveforms without drifting or overlap

More Accurate
- 1:1 ratio in waveforms display and printing without compression, good for accurate diagnosis
- New type of filters, contribute to the right level of filtering and maintain more useful signals, avoid misdiagnose

ECG Acquisition Box

More Cost-saving
- Independent lead for cost-saving in after-sale maintenance, no longer need to change the whole ECG cable when one lead breaks down

More Time-saving
- Keys on the acquisition box can help doctors or nurses to print, stop printing or start arrhythmia analysis quickly and directly, good for time saving and efficiency improvement.

Minnesota Code
- Automatic measurement and interpretation with Minnesota Code, tested by authoritative CSE/AHA database, ensure the analysis accuracy.

Cabrera Lead Mode
- Lead order is aVL, I, -aVR, II, aVF, III, V1 through V6.
- It has been well-recognized and favorable especially in European countries, which makes it easier to position the origin of myocardial ischemia or arrhythmia and significant to estimate the infarction part and infarct size.

Pacemaker Detection
- Through ECG waveforms display and analysis, doctors can determine the pacemaker type and work status through the ECG analysis.

R-R Analysis
- 30-300 seconds for R-R analysis, better in arrhythmia diagnosis
- Up to 200 kinds of arrhythmia analysis

Waveform Freezing
- 60 seconds for waveform freezing and cine-loop, any 10 seconds selectable for analysis and print;
- It is significant when testing some naughty children, fracture patients, aged people whose skin is too dry to connect the electrodes and so on.

Preview Function
- Doctors can preview the waveforms and analysis result directly on the screen then to decide whether to print or not, good for faster treatment and cost-saving.

Various Recording Modes
- Auto: The report will be printed automatically when the doctor chooses a certain mode.
- Manual: The report will be printed manually as the doctor likes.
- Rhythm mode: Single lead or 3 leads for 60 seconds
- Paper-saving mode: Printing the report at A4 size for cost-saving, especially suitable in physical examination

Flexible Report Format
- Waveforms only
- Simple analysis result
- Detailed analysis result
Doctors can flexible combine the report format according to the clinical needs. It is good for cost-saving.

Solutions for Data Storage, Inquire and Transfer
- Iocal memory up to 200 ECGs
- Standard 2G SD card for unlimited files storage
- ECG files can be saved in USB flash disk
- Saved ECG files can be inquire, read and printed again
- ECG files can be transferred to ECG workstation by LAN port or WIFI