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GM60A Digital Mobile

Mobile Digital Radiography GM60A delivers high-quality imaging directly to the patient’s bedside. With advanced features such as S-Detector and S-Vue imaging technologies, GM60A delivers accurate diagnoses while ensuring reliable operation with enhanced usability.

Advanced Mobility

A motorized moving system enables access even in tight spaces and slightly inclined hallways

High Quality, Flexible Care

GM60A enables excellent care in a wide range of circumstances


Wireless, lightweight S-Detector with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose. Three available S-Detector sizes support imaging of various areas.


S-Detectors are compatible with Samsung DR Systems**. When a detector is discharged, it can be used with detectors from other compatible Samsung DR equipment. Various detector configurations support unique clinical needs and continuous care.

S-Detector Durability

Reliable S3025-W is water-resistant to protect the unit from liquid sprays and dust. Water resistance also protects the unit from spills and damage resulting from unexpected contact.

Intuitive Interface

A 17-inch touchscreen, intuitive icons and buttons facilitate easy operation. Different battery indicators for exposure and mobile capabilities allow users to easily view each battery level.