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Instruments for ENT, ophthalmology and dermatology


ri-former® - modular diagnostic station

Thanks to its innovative construction it is variably extendable to the right and the left. The basic ri-former® module is available with one handle and can be supplemented with up to 4 further handle modules. The advantages of the ri-former® system can be seen in its versatile combination of options. The ri-former® offers the required reliability in hectic everyday hospital and practice life, with its centralized electrical supply. Cost-saving and environmentally friendly independence from conventional or rechargeable batteries is thus guaranteed.

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ri-screen is a digital medical camera system with a full range of lenses for ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, dermatoscopic and other applications.

Improved Patient Care
Digital still and video images created with Riester ri-screen allow making accurate fi rst diagnosis and planning consistent follow-up treatment.

Efficient Work Processes
Riester ri-screen is easily adopted into daily examination routines and connectivity to any patient database system enables fl uent image data sharing e.g. for consultation purposes.

Handset Features
- Dimensions: 89mm x 44mm x 205mm
- Weight: 254 g
- Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery
- 3.5” full HD full colour TFT-LCD display
- 8 GB micro SD card
- 3 hours operating time
- Bayonet connector for attachable optic modules
- Image and video function

uni® / econom®

Riester uni®/econom® – the reliable product line for ENT and ophthalmology. Durable, user-friendly, variable and in the customary Riester quality.

- Illumination of the examination area with 2.7 V vacuum, HL 2.5 V Halogen or xenon illumination XL 3.5 V, similar to daylight.
- Power sources via various handles or charging base ri-charger® possible.
- Choice of sets with exceptional cost-effectiveness.
- Developed and manufactured in Germany.


The new e-scope® is the perfect blend of leading-edge LED technology, more efficient diagnosis and an environment-friendly energy source. Because the e-scope® breaks new ground with its world innovation, the IPC (Integrated Power Converter): younger, smarter and greener.

LED technology for otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes with low-reflection, bright and whitelight. The pure white light (approx. 5,500 K) ensures colour-neutral illumination in additionto improved colour differentiation, thereby aiding more efficient diagnosis in comparison with halogen or xenon bulbs.

Green efficiency
- Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery service lives. Whilst the service life of a xenon light source is only approx. 20 hours, LED burns for at least 20,000 hours, i.e. over 2 years at a go – with e-scope®, even with two conventional AA batteries.

- Particularly high environment-friendliness, for the newly developed IPC in the e-scope® always converts the voltage of simple alkaline batteries into the optimum voltage required for LED operation, resulting in battery lives of around 50 operating hours.

Pocket instruments

The versatile diagnostic penlights made of sturdy material with a wide range of uses fit safely in the hand for every examination. Poorly accessible parts of the body can be better illuminated.

We will be pleased to provide more information about the ordering requirements for customer specific product combinations and packaging upon request.

- fortelux® H with HL halogen illumination similar to daylight. fortelux® N with reliable vacuum illumination.
- Can be used as an illuminated tongue blade holder: concentrated illumination of the oral and pharyngeal cavity.
- fortelux® H and fortelux® N are offered in all Riester colours: combinations with ri-mini®, pen-scope® and other Riester instruments are possible.

ri-scope® L

LED illumination – bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime!

- Available for all ri-scope® L instruments and dermatoscopes, except retinoscopes
- White high performance LED 5.500K / 17.500 Lux
- Lifetime > 10,000 hours compared to 20-30 hours of halogen/Xenon lamps

Li-ion batteries – more light-weight, more powerful

- 50 hours burning time of LED with fully charged Li-Ion battery
- echargeable battery lifetime: up to 1200 charging cycles

rheotronic® – electronic light intensity adjustment for LEDs and light bulbs

- 100% light output after short switch activation
- Continuously variable light adjustment
- Automatic safety shut-down after 120 seconds

Renowned high performance optics


- glass optics with high depth focus and precise 3-times magnification up to the image margin
- refelection minized, consistent illumination
- fieroptics provide highest light efficiency

- dust-proof
- aspherical condenser lens
- coaxial observational and illuminational light beams
- reflection-reduced view even with small pupils

schiötz tonometer

A masterpiece of precision mechanics! Highly precise eye tonometer according to Prof. Schiötz for measuring intra-ocular pressure. Its reliability and durability makes this quality measuring instrument indispensable in every ophthalmologist’s practice and eye clinic.

- High quality agate bearing for an extremely long service life.
- Precision measurement on a scale of 0 to 20 subdivisions and 0 to -1 sub-divisions.
- Perfect reading of the scale with red pointer.
- All vital parts are made of stainless steel, other parts are chrome-plated.
- Complete in a black deluxe case with velvet-look inserts
- Supplied with three weights (5.5 g, 7.5 g, 10 g) and a conversion table